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After helping thousands of people and billions of dollars through FreeFinancialPlan.com, one thing was clear: our users wanted more. So, we built The Fin Hive. 

Here we offer three things:

  1. The chance to ask questions to financial experts and our community. 
  2. The opportunity to share tips, resources, and your perspective
  3. The ability to provide feedback.

How it works

Browse topics anonymously or better yet, share, engage, debate and discuss! 

Get answers to most any question, typically within 72 hours. 

Things to know

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What makes The Fin Hive unique

We get it, there are thousands of personal finance sites. We bring together experts and individuals, through guided topics, sharing ideas and resources. 

In addition to your free financial plan, to shape the conversation (and get the ball rolling) the forum is moderated by Tom Anderson. 

About the Moderator

Tom Anderson has worked in investment banking and wealth management for Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley where he served as Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. 

On Wall Street Magazine recognized Tom as a “40 under 40”. Barron's Magazine recognized him five times as one of America's Top 1,200 advisors: State by State. 

Tom has authored four books and is the foremost expert on managing both sides of the balance sheet:

  • The Value of Debt. Wiley, 2013 (New York Times and USA Today best seller, #2 business book of 2013 by WealthManagement.com, translated into multiple languages)
  • The Value of Debt in Building Wealth. Wiley, 2015
  • The Value of Debt in Retirement. Wiley, 2017
  • Money Without Boundaries – How Blockchain Will Facilitate the Denationalization of Money. Wiley, 2019

Tom has been interviewed in news media outlets around the world including the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post. He is a regular speaker at events throughout the financial services industry. 

Tom has his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.S.B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. He also earned his Certified Investment Management Analyst designation from the Wharton School of Business and is a former Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor. 

Praise for Tom's published works

"A bold point-of-view on debt as being a strategic asset in the management of wealth"

Fox Business

"Why is this book great? Because it makes you wealthier... Get your hands on the book"


"Controversial but nonetheless persuasive"

Financial Advisor Magazine

"Will have you wondering why you’ve never heard about debt in this way before"

Dr. Michael Gibbs - University of Chicago

"Tom Anderson has skillfully addressed a difficult topic"

Christopher Whalen - author

"Why you should learn to appreciate debt"


"Thoughtful perspective grounded in proven financial theories"

Dr. Mahendra Gupta, Washington University in St. Louis

"Shows us–both practically and mathematically"

Aaron Patzer - Founder Mint.com

"Tom has explained how to strategically and prudently use debt"

Raj Date, Former Deputy Director, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"Argues forcefully against the conventional wisdom"

Financial Advisor Magazine

"Nobody gets this. Tom Anderson gets this."

James Altucher - Best selling author

"Applies fundamental concepts from corporate finance to personal finance."

Dr. Michael Gibbs - University of Chicago

“There is a wealth of deep knowledge in finance on the value of debt for both corporations and individuals and how the judicious use of debt can ensure that its benefits exceed its costs. However, much of this knowledge remains within academia and is not readily accessed by households and individuals who have much to learn from it. Tom does a great service by taking this knowledge, combining it with his own vast experience in financial markets, and presenting it in a refreshingly new and persuasive way."

Dr. Anjan Thakor - Washington University in St. Louis

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