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The FinHive is a community of financial firms and professionals who answer questions from real people in exchange for the opportunity to showcase the quality of their services, products, and solutions.   

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Lead-gen widget for your website

Generate exclusive leads on your website with a financial assessment in your brand. That’s right, you can put the exact assessment that we use to generate consumer leads on YOUR website. 

  • Generate your survey link in minutes (no tech skills required!)
  • You get an engaging tool - a powerful lead magnet (people love free assessments!) 
  • You'll get a full copy of every assessment (+50 points of data on all your prospects, before you meet!) 

Pre-qualify your audience. Engage more people. Have more efficient and meaningful conversations.

Lead marketplace

Organized by channels, fully searchable. You get a database of real people who have created a financial assessment and opted-in for follow up by a financial professional or to receive curated offers. 

Get the exact, engaged leads you want. Browse or search by criteria or category. You can also set custom filters and have leads sent direct to your email, CRM, or virtually anywhere you want. The choice is yours.

With each lead you get: 

  • an email address 
  • 50+ points of data 
  • permission to mail 

More than enough to start the conversation!

Your membership gives you access to preview leads. Most leads can be purchased for under $25. Only pay for what you need. 

Complete a few simple tasks to learn the system & get free leads!

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Lead programs

We also offer lead programs designed with your goals in mind.

For Financial Advisors: 

  • Advisor: Launch! Our training program for new financial advisors. Leads + courses!
  • Advisor: Grow!  Helping advisors move to $40,000+ in monthly recurring revenue. Leads + courses + coaching!
  • Advisor: Thrive! - Moving to a multi-million dollar practice. Leads + courses + personal coaching (from someone who has done it!)

For Enterprises:

We offer three programs for larger firms: à la carte | AssistFully Automated

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