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Small group. Big ideas.

After helping thousands of people through FreeFinancialPlan.com, a small group of users saw the potential for something bigger. So, we built the Fin Hive to discuss these ideas.

In the near-term, the Fin Hive facilitates discussion and collaboration. In the long-term, it could be something else...  


Through FreeFinancialPlan.com, Anasova provides financial plans that are fast, free and totally anonymous. 

As a part of facilitating "anonymous", Anasova assigns a unique token to each user.  

These tokens allow Anasova's data to be stored and tied to a user anonymously. 

Tokens also let the data be sorted, segmented and grouped (also anonymously) across standardized containers.  You can see some of this anonymized data here.

The number of containers that can be created is infinite and data can exist in multiple containers at the same time.


Tiny group. Big vision.

Some people see potential value in the data, the containers, and the tokens. 

Other people see potential value in a sibling token that accompanies the primary token which could facilitate user and community incentives as well as a broader sharing of economics.  

Others envision a fundamental shift in the way the consumer shops for financial services. Like the grain elevator or assembly line; simple technologies / ideas that reversed the process previously used.

Others have a vision of a consumer-led financial cooperative... 

Who knows. The purpose of the Fin Hive is to discuss these ideas. 

Things to know

The neat thing about this project is it is connected to something that is tangible and live. Tokens, containers, data, connections are all firing 24/7/365. However, this community is separate from Anasova and from FreeFinancialPlan.com

As you dive in:

  1. Don't have any expectations. 
  2. This isn't anything but a small group of people talking about things that may never happen. 
  3. Be nice and follow our Member Guidelines. 

Of course, by using this site you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Why the fee?

To keep out people who aren't really interested.

What do I get?

Nothing. You are here to create something.

How can I learn more?




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